We source the majority of our meats from small packers, not larger commodity suppliers. Our customers continuously tell us that they see AND taste the difference with higher yields, less trim, robust marbling and delicious flavor.


  • Beef Strip Loins (Prime and Choice)
    • Boneless Strip Loin: Whole
      New York Strip Steaks (cut to order)
    • Bone-In Strip Loin: Whole
      Kansas City Strip Steaks (cut to order)
  • Beef Rib Eyes Lip on (Prime and Choice):Whole
    • Delmonico Steaks (cut to order)
  • Beef Export Ribs (Prime and Choice): Whole
    • Cowboy Steaks (cut to order)
    • Western Cowboy Steaks (cut to order)
    • Bone-in Ribeye (cut to order)
    • Long Bone Tomahawk (special order)
  • Beef Tenderloins (Prime and Choice): Whole
    • Filet Mignon (cut to order)
    • Bone-in Filet Mignon (cut to order)
    • Filet Tips
  • Ground Beef: Ground fresh to order
    • Special Blend
    • Ground Beef Blend
  • Beef Teres Major: Cleaned
  • Beef Top Rounds (Choice): Whole and Denuded
  • Beef Bottom Rounds (Choice): Whole
  • Beef Hanging Tenders: (Choice)Whole
    • Hanger Steak
  • Beef Flank Steak (Choice): Whole and Custom cut
  • Beef Flat Iron Steak (Choice): Whole and Custom Cut (Special Order)
  • Beef Short Ribs: Whole
    • Boneless (cut to order)
    • Bone-In (cut to order)
  • Beef Two-Piece Chuck (Choice)
  • Beef Top Sirloin (Choice): Whole and Custom Cut
  • Beef Stew/Cube Meat
  • Beef Bones 

Product Tumbling​

For a unique flavor and efficiency, Weiss Provision can tumble your beef. Choose from your own proprietary blend or we have a variety of flavors to enhance the flavor profile of your steaks, chops or briskets.


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