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Weiss Provision Company

Weiss Provision Company

The successful longevity of Weiss Provisions has long been connected with these important themes: Family owned, deliver high quality products and provide an unparalleled customer experience. In 1958, the Weiss family operated a successful corned beef, roast beef and pastrami manufacturer downtown and then subsequently on the South Side. Their well respected quality products were a cornerstone of delis, eateries, and restaurants throughout our region. Back in 1995, Harold Weiss, the owner of the business, was looking to retire and was adamant about keeping the business locally based and family owned.

At the time, a local entrepreneurial businessman was looking to find a way to buy a business in which he could live in the region to raise his family and also support the local economy. He purchased Weiss Provisions and maintained the successful legacy of the business. Within a year of purchasing the business, it was determined there was an opportunity to provide Western Pennsylvania restaurants with unique center-of-the-plate solutions. Today, a team of trained meat cutters hand cut product daily which guarantee restaurants the able to properly manage their food costs and expect only the freshest products.

Quality & Service Is Our #1 Goal

Every day, we make the commitment to provide our customers with an unparalleled and consistent experience. We guarantee the highest level of freshness. The product you order is cut within hours of being delivered to your door AND all of our portioned products are cut to order, not taken off the shelf. So the amount of steaks you need is the amount that you will get.

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